Microsoft is integrating Bing AI into right-click menu of Edge


It looks like Microsoft is obsessed with its new AI-powered Bing search and its newly acquired chat-skills. After integrating the new Bing into Windows 11 taskbar, Edge Sidebar, Skype, Microsoft News and other services, Microsoft is taking a step further and has started integrating the Bing AI into Edge’s updated right-click mini menu.
Bing AI comes with Edge right-click menu
The new Bing AI integration into Edge mini menu allows users to select any text on a webpage and search directly using Bing AI using the right click mini menu. Doing this instantly opens up the Bing search panel at the right side of the page with the search result. The mini menu also includes ‘Ask Bing Chat’ option that’s mostly likey take users directly to the Bing Chat option.
For those unaware, the Edge mini menu provides users with quick actions like Copy, Paste, Define, Hide Menu and More action and now Search with Bing AI has joined the list. The mini menu only appears when a text is selected on a webpage. Regular right clicking on webpage will open a regular context menu for the page.
Other Microsoft services to receive Bing AI integration
Recently Microsoft rolled out Bing integration in a wide range of its apps and services. The company has recently added Bing into SwiftKey Keyboard app on both Android and iOS devics, In addition to this, Skype has also received the Bing chatbot integration that lets users to directly ask queries on the platform. Bing can also become a part of the Skype group and help make plans, generate ideas and more.
Then Windows 11 taskbar and Edge Sidebar have had Bing integration for a while now. Users can now click on the Windows 11 taskbar and access Bing Chat just with a click. The same applies for Edge sidebar integration.


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