Microsoft: Microsoft will let users share Bing’s responses on Facebook, Twitter


Microsoft has been loosening restrictions and adding more features to AI-powered Bing for some time now. Recently, the company increased the number of chat sessions to 15 and total number of chats to 150 and it has now added a ‘Share’ button that will let users share chat responses generated by AI-powered Bing.
“We’ve added the ability to share Bing chat responses with others in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, or using a persistent link,” the company said in a blog post that also lists other features that Microsoft is working on. These features include adding Bing Chat and Compose to the Edge Sidebar, improving contextual understanding, and including the group in Skype chats with Bing.
It is noteworthy that some of these features were previously shared by Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president and consumer chief marketing officer at Microsoft, a tweet as well as Bing handle on Twitter.
Bing Chat and Compose in Edge Sidebar
Users on Edge v111.0.1661.41 will see the new Bing icon in the sidebar which includes Chat and Compose feature. The company said that the feature will help users quickly write drafts.

For example, if users want to update their “About” info on LinkedIn, they can click on the Bing chat button and input a command in natural language. The Bing chatbot will quickly compose a summary which then can be copied and pasted in the “About” text box.
Importantly, these experiences will appear only for those users who have access to the new Bing preview.
Testing faster responses
Last month, Microsoft announced three new modes: creative, precise and balanced. The creative mode is aimed at making responses more “original and imaginative”, the precise mode improves that accuracy and relevancy, the balanced mode strikes a balance between accuracy and creativity.
Mehdi also said Microsoft is testing an optimisation on “Balanced” mode to “significantly improve performance” for shorter, quicker responses.” Precise and Creative modes remain unchanged.
Improving contextual understanding
Microsoft also announced that they have improved the ability for Bing to absorb large amounts of context in Creative tone conversations. This expanded context window allows for better grounding – an approach that improves the quality of the prompt given by the user.
Group in Skype chats with Bing
Last month, Microsoft announced that users can chat with Bing in Skype. In the latest update, the company is opening the Bing preview in Skype with their friends. “Simply join a group chat where at least one person is approved, add Bing as a participant, and everyone can talk with it regardless of their waitlist status. To chat with Bing, simply add @Bing at the beginning of your message,” the company said in a blogpost.


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