Microsoft Now Allows Users To Change The Tone Of AI Chatbot’s Response


Last Updated: March 03, 2023, 15:10 IST

Bing AI has new tones now

Bing AI has new tones now

Bing AI has been offered powered by ChatGPT thanks to Microsoft and OpenAI’s partnership.

Microsoft continues to bring new features to the Bing AI Chatbot for users, and now they have the option to change the tone of responses that the AI chatbot offers. The company has defined the tones as precise, balanced and creative.

As the names suggest, the first two tones look to give users accurate, relevant and factual answers. When it comes to the creative tone, Microsoft wants the AI Chatbot to look at imaginative ways to answer a query. And balanced offers you a mix of both precise and creative tones for the best of both worlds.

Bing AI chatbot has been set to the balanced tone by default, which Microsoft believes offers the best experience for the users. The feature is already being rolled out to around 90 percent Bing AI users who should be seeing the changes in responses from the AI chatbot.

The company is bringing these new tones so that Bing AI doesn’t end up refusing to queries without any apparent reason. These tones are supposed to help people have better control over the kind of responses Bing AI gives.

These new additions clearly indicate that tech companies are worried about the information provided by these AI-centric tools which could have a severe impact on society. ChatGPT is the AI chatbot powering Bing and Edge browser for Microsoft. The company managed to get first right on the OpenAI tool thanks to its $10 billion investment earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Apple has decided to block an update for a mailing client which would have added new AI-centric features. The company has been concerned about the sentience of these AI chatbots and it wants to test the features internally or at least with its partners before shipping it via different apps to its users. ChatGPT will soon have to compete with Bard AI and other tech products from other companies.

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