Microsoft Releases New Cybersecurity AI Assistant ‘Security Copilot’: How It Works


Security Copilot is designed to work seamlessly with security teams

Security Copilot is designed to work seamlessly with security teams

Microsoft Corp on Tuesday launched a tool to help cybersecurity professionals identify breaches, threat signals and better analyze data, using OpenAI’s latest GPT4 generative artificial intelligence model.

US tech giant Microsoft has announced that it is bringing a new tool called “Security Copilot” that utilizes OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 generative artificial intelligence model to help cybersecurity professionals identify breaches, and threat signals and better analyze data.

Microsoft Security Copilot is a much-needed tool to quickly detect and respond to threats and better understand the threat landscape overall.

Security Copilot will combine Microsoft’s vast threat intelligence footprint with industry-leading expertise to augment the work of security professionals through an easy-to-use AI assistant, the company said.

“Today the odds remain stacked against cybersecurity professionals. Too often, they fight an asymmetric battle against relentless and sophisticated attackers,” said Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president, Microsoft Security.

“With Security Copilot, we are shifting the balance of power into our favor. Security Copilot is the first and only generative AI security product enabling defenders to move at the speed and scale of AI,” Jakkal added.

Security Copilot is designed to work seamlessly with security teams, empowering defenders to see what is happening in their environment, learn from existing intelligence, correlate threat activity, and make more informed, efficient decisions at machine speed, the company wrote in a blog post.

The Security Copilot is a simple prompt box that will help security analysts with tasks like summarizing incidents, analyzing vulnerabilities and sharing information with co-workers on a pinboard.

The assistant will use Microsoft’s security-specific model, which the company described as ”a growing set of security-specific skills” that is fed with more than 65 trillion signals every day.

Security Copilot will also continually learn and improve to help ensure that security teams are operating with the latest knowledge of attackers, their tactics, techniques and procedures.

The product will provide ongoing access to the most advanced OpenAI models to support demanding security tasks and applications. Its visibility into threats is powered by both the customer organization’s security data and Microsoft’s vast threat analysis footprint.

The launch comes amid a flurry of announcements from Microsoft to integrate AI into its most popular offerings.

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