OpenAI Now Lets ChatGPT Access The Internet For Live Data Via Plugin Support: All Details


Last Updated: March 24, 2023, 13:29 IST

ChatGPT is ready to enter the world of Internet

ChatGPT is ready to enter the world of Internet

ChatGPT has moved to version 4.0 but now it is ready to access the internet to give you the responses.

The evolution of ChatGPT continues at a brisk pace, as OpenAI now announces plugin support is available for the AI chatbot to help you with live data by scouring the internet for answers.

Using the internet is a game changing move, as ChatGPT using plugins can interact with particular websites, and gather information that is relevant to your query. “Plugins are tools designed specifically for language models with safety as a core principle, and help ChatGPT access up-to-date information, run computations, or use third-party services,” OpenAI has mentioned in this post.

OpenAI claims users have been asking for plugin support on ChatGPT since it became available earlier this year. Plugin support is limited to a small set of users for now and OpenAI plans to gradually make it available for large-scale access in the coming weeks.

ChatGPT has already generated a lot of interest in the market, which became evident with Microsoft investing $10 billion in OpenAI for dibs on the new ChatGPT versions. Developers that have been invited by OpenAI can go through the documentation that will help them with building plugins for ChatGPT.

The company has also shared a list of companies that includes Slack, Expedia, Milo, Zapier, and Shopify who have already created the first plugins for the AI Chatbot. OpenAI has also built two of its own plugins, a web browser and a code interpreter. The company claims to have open-sourced the code that will help developers gain knowledge on the plugins for ChatGPT. These two plugins and the other mentioned above will be available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

ChatGPT Using The Internet: Risky Move?

OpenAI accepts that opening the AI chatbot to the internet has its pros and cons. You have new possibilities (use cases) and some risks that have to be taken care of. Plugins come with their challenges, especially when its actions can have harmful ramifications.

The company realises that plugins for ChatGPT could open a dangerous Pandora’s box, and it claims to have implemented several measures to avoid mishaps. You can get more details about the steps taken by OpenAI over here.

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