Pixel Owners Get New Service Support Partners In India For Repairs: All Details


Last Updated: March 29, 2023, 18:41 IST

Buying a Google Pixel phone will be appealing in India

Buying a Google Pixel phone will be appealing in India

Google looks to be fixing the support issues in India by changing its service partner ahead of the new Pixel phone launches this year.

Using a Pixel phone in India and have trouble getting it repaired or any other service support? Well, looks like things are about to change for good and Pixel phones will finally get the necessary support if something happens to the devices.

For many years, Google has relied on support from its partner B2x in the country, which frankly never lived up to the experience that a flagship product deserves.

People have complained about their complex support system, limited centres and instances of faulty parts issued. But now, reports say Google is going to work with F1 Info solutions to service and repair Google Pixel phones that are available in the country.

The new partner not only has a wider service ecosystem, but it has also catered to other brands with distinction, which should come as a big relief to those who use a Pixel phone or have plans to get one in the future.

Google is also rumoured to be launching the new Pixel 7a smartphone in the country, as early as May this year, which is usually the time for Google I/O 2023 conference. And having a new service partner means Google could finally show its worth in terms of after-sales support, not only for the premium but its mid-range lineup as well.

We would prefer to hear more about this update from Google who can explain if the supposed partner will be entrusted with servicing the phone or just helping the company with the pick up and logistics services.

Pixel 7 series launched in India last year, the first premium phones from Google to launch in the country since the Pixel 3 series. You also have the Pixel 6a model in the mid-range category.

All three phones finally got the 5G update from Google which allows Indian users to enjoy 5G services from telcos like Jio and Airtel wherever they have rolled out their networks. Repairing premium phones come at a cost, so we are hoping that Google can finally fix the complex system which will surely appeal to more prospective Pixel buyers in the country.

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