Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 May Feature A Larger Outer Display; Here’s What It May Look Like


Next Z Flip may get a design overhaul. (Photo by Pasqualino Capobianco on Unsplash)

Next Z Flip may get a design overhaul. (Photo by Pasqualino Capobianco on Unsplash)

We may have got our first look at the outer display of the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Here’s what the potential 3.4-inch outer display of the phone may look like.

Samsung’s next mainline Galaxy Z smartphones are still months away, but a leaked image of what looks to be the outer display of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 has leaked—giving us a glimpse of what the phone may look like.

SamMobile and Max J, a notable leaker, have collaborated to release an image showcasing the Galaxy Z Flip 5’s cover display design. According to Max, the image is a concept but is based on his knowledge of the Flip 5’s real appearance. It’s important to note that the final product may differ from this render, so it’s best to approach this image with caution until more concrete information comes out.

The larger display may feature a cutout for the dual camera setup. (Image: Max J/Sammobile)

The image suggests that the cover display of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 may be considerably larger than its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Flip 4, which only measures 1.9 inches. The outer display of the Flip 5 is expected to be 3.4 inches and will include a side cutout for the dual cameras. In comparison, the Oppo Find N2 Flip, which was recently released, has a 3.26-inch display. A larger display on the Galaxy Z Flip 5 would help Samsung stay competitive and compete with rival offerings that have emerged since the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Samsung appears to be following a two-year pattern for significant design updates to its foldable devices. The original Galaxy Z Flip and Z Flip 2 had a similar appearance, and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 adopted the revised design that was initially introduced with the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Therefore, it is possible that Samsung may introduce a fresh design with the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip, which is expected to launch in August this year.

Regarding functionality, Samsung might take inspiration from Oppo and provide an extensive customisable outer display—leveraging the larger display. Although there is little information available about the specifications, the Z Flip 5 could potentially be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, or its upgraded version if Qualcomm releases it in time.

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