Samsung to expand its offline footprint with new Experiential stores


Samsung already has a wide footprint in the offline market. Sumit Walia, senior director of D2C Business told TOI-Gadget Now in an interview that the company has around 1,700 brand shops across the country and 1400 partners.
The company is now planning to expand its offline footprint to offer buyers a better overall shopping experience along with an experience of the product, their use case and more with 15 new premium flagship stores called “Experential Stores”, Walia mentioned during the interview.
Two of these stores are already functional at Opera House in Bangaluru and one in Delhi, Connaught Place. 13 more stores are supposed to come up in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Chandigarh by the end of the year.
“These nine cities we have handpicked looking at how the community is evolving, and consumer profile is evolving, and we want to now open such kind of premium experience centers across these cities, Walia said. “And whatever we have learned from these two (Opera house, Bangaluru and Connaught Place, New Delh) stores, we are going to take it to all of these stores. So that’s the broad concept of what we are trying to achieve, he further added.
Experiential Stores: The idea behind it and features
Samsung Experiential Stores are designed to bring premium shopping experience alongside add-ons like dedicated experience zones for gaming, smart home devices, connected living and other Samsung products and services.
Walia mentioned that since 2019 to 2022, nearly 65% of our Samsung products that are being sold are premium products and that’s what inspired and gave inspiration about the demand for premium products.
“We started renovating and building some use cases like these – people wanting to do more with their product themselves, trying to figure out new functionalities that are there in their products, trying to extend the way that they are using their products, whether it is, let’s say, turning on the air conditioner or turning on a washing machine from outside, connected living through our SmartThings. “Retail actually allows you to be able to show products in the setting, which will be able to showcase the functionality in the real world.” Walia said.
“We have something we call SmartThings, which is our connected living platform. The intent here is to be able to showcase how a phone, refrigerator, AC, home theater, television, such devices are connected to each other, and what it is that this can unlock,” he added.
Upon asking about what all the stores are set to offer in addition to a trailored shopping and real-world implentations of services and devices. Walia said that all these Experiantial Stores will have service centers baked in. Users can simply walk-in and get their device checked and services. In addtion, they can also call the store directly to get the appliances, etc serviced at their home.
Store+ to solve availability issue
Samsung also has something called Store+. This will also be a part of these exprience stores and it is already a part of almost over 300 stores across the country with futher expansion on the way.
“What we want to do with Store+ is solve the problem of availability, said Walia. “What we’ve done with Store+ is we’ve connected all our warehouses to brand shops through this kiosk, and consumers can see today that if something is not available in retail or at the shop, they can actually see what is available with us in our warehouse. And you can order there directly, pay the retailer and we will send the product to your house so there will be a doorstep delivery”, he further added.


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