Snapchat Is Not Having A Good Time As My AI Chatbot Faces Backlash From Users


Last Updated: April 25, 2023, 17:53 IST

Snapchat introduced the AI chatbot last week

Snapchat introduced the AI chatbot last week

The ChatGPT-powered Ai chatbot was announced at the Snap Summit last week.

Snapchat is another tech company that ventured into the AI chatbot race recently but it is fair to say that its journey has been challenging in many ways. The ChatGPT-powered platform has faced negative reviews from users ever since the company decided to release the chatbot for a wider audience.

The AI chatbot called My AI is available at the top of the Snap user’s screen, which many feel is an invasion of privacy, as Snapchat didn’t not seek their consent before making this addition to the app.

These users have complained that Snapchat has not made it an opt-in feature, instead has introduced the chatbot. Some even want an option to delete the chatbot from the home screen of the Snapchat app. All this backlash has played poorly on Snapchat’s ratings on the app stores (both iOS and Android) with many of them giving the platform a 1-star rating which is not the best case for any app let alone Snapchat.

These ratings seem to have coincided with the announcement of the Ai chatbot on April 19, and 24 hours later, Snapchat users, probably after trying out the chatbot or seeing it on their home screen decided to take matters into their own hands.

Snapchat says that with My AI users can write songs, search for the best restaurants and even take a photo of your garden using the AI chatbot. It is free for all Snapchat users but going by the social media posts, it feels like Snapchat should have at least reached out to its user base before making the feature live for everyone.

These outbursts generally help and force the company to rollback the feature. For instance, recently, Instagram decided to have a 9:16 ratio for photos on the feed, which did not please the users one bit. After multiple cases of anger thrown at the platform, Instagram claimed it was only testing the feature and does not plan to have it available on the public version. Snapchat is unlikely to take such actions but at least giving users the option to delete the chatbot could go a long way in redeeming its rankings on the app store.

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