Sony Wants To Make A New PlayStation Handheld Console: Report


Last Updated: April 06, 2023, 08:30 IST

Sony is planning more in the gaming arena

Sony is planning more in the gaming arena

The new handheld product from the company could focus on running games via the internet.

Sony has been a market leader with the PlayStation gaming consoles for years and the company also has a handheld device to keep the market ticking. Now, it seems the Japanese brand wants to add another portable device that will have some cutbacks in terms of features which could make it cheaper and appealing for many gamers.

Sony is reportedly working on a Lite model of the PlayStation Q handheld device that could feature an 8-inch display but the console will only work if you are connected to the internet and source the games via Sony’s Remote Play network.

The report suggests the Lite device will need to be connected to the internet to stream PS5 games. This basically means Sony is unlikely to link the device to its cloud network, which allows you to enjoy PS5 titles seamlessly.

We can’t even say if the Lite version will let you run games from other cloud networks. Going by these details, the PlayStation Q Lite sounds like an identical product to the Nintendo Wii U GamePad that also connects via WiFi and lets you play games only if you are in the same network as the main console.

The report hints that Sony could launch the handheld device after the detachable disk variant of the PS5 is launched later this year, and before the PS5 Pro is announced, which many expect to happen late next year. As for the PS Q Lite, it is likely to come with adaptive triggers, speakers, volume buttons and even get a headphone jack.

The display is expected to offer 1080p resolution at 60fps. Sony could face a tough fight from Nintendo and Asus which is also lining up its first handheld device as a part of the popular ROG lineup called the ROG Ally. The company has shared teasers of the product which is powered by Windows 11.

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