Sony Worried About Microsoft Owning Call of Duty Franchise: Here’s Why


Last Updated: March 10, 2023, 13:28 IST

Sony and Microsoft have a direct impact on this impending deal

Sony and Microsoft have a direct impact on this impending deal

The company offers a slew of games for its PlayStation console users and it is concerned about the experience on the devices in the future.

Microsoft continues with its objective to buy Activision Blizzard amidst all the antitrust concerns from different companies. Sony is obviously worried about Microsoft buying a brand that makes one of the popular game franchises, Call of Duty and the Japanese giant feels that Microsoft will lace the game with bugs and errors for PlayStation gamers to ruin the experience.

“Microsoft might release a PlayStation version of Call of Duty where bugs and errors emerge only on the game’s final level or after later updates, Sony has been quoted saying in this letter.

The company fears that any disruption in the gaming experience could invariably have an effect on the sales of its popular gaming console, and getting more people to opt for Xbox instead. Microsoft assures that no such differences will be made in the game and all platforms will get the same experience, especially if the acquisition goes through.

Anti-competitive practices are not new and many companies over the years have made promises but failed to keep them. Sony is a big competition for Microsoft, having a stranglehold in the console market with PlayStation for a long time.

Sony has all the rights to be worried and share its concerns with the relevant authorities who will decide if the Activision Blizzard deals should go through.

If Microsoft decides to change its stance at a later date, nobody will have the control over the processes. Microsoft has also talked about having games available on the Nintendo Switch devices, which is a smaller and less powerful hardware compared to the heavier gaming consoles.

Either way, gamers will be hoping that any rumoured tussle between Microsoft and Sony doesn’t affect their experience with the games and the hardware at the same time. We don’t expect to get a final decision on this deal anytime soon as all the involved parties need to be convinced that their operations will not be affected.

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