Steve Jobs: Disney CEO says he was ‘inspired’ by Steve Jobs, here’s how


Everyone loves a great comeback story but not many turn out too well. One such story in the tech world revolves around Steve Jobs. Jobs, who co-founded Apple, was fired as CEO in 1985 and moved on to set up Pixar and NeXT. However, 12 years later, Jobs made a comeback at Apple, when the company was doing quite badly. Jobs came back and the rest, as they say, is history. In more recent times, Bob Iger has made a comeback as Disney CEO. And he says that it was Jobs’ comeback that was his inspiration.
In an interview with Time magazine, Iger said, “The person that I think most of, that I was fortunate enough to have observed very closely, is Steve Jobs,” said Iger. “He was brought back to a company that he had founded — very different circumstances. But speaking with him when I did, and reflecting on what his experiences were — I’ve taken a lot from that,” he told the publication.

On why he decided to come back

He said he was brought back for a “reason”. “The company had gone through a very difficult period, exacerbated by a global pandemic. And more than anything, the company needed stability, needed to establish a set of priorities and focus on them,” he said.
He also said that there are challenges of coming back as CEO of a company, which one left. “One is when you are brought back, and you agree to come back, you have to do so with unbelievable enthusiasm, and not an ounce of hesitation,” he continued. “And then you have to know very quickly what it is you’re expected to accomplish and what it is you can accomplish.”
Iger announced his intentions to retire as CEO in 2020 and stepped down in December 2021. However, he came back in November 2022 and replaced Bob Chapek.


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