Top 5 iOS 16.4 Features Coming This Week For iPhone Users


Last Updated: March 27, 2023, 17:58 IST

iOS 16.4 version promises a slew of changes

iOS 16.4 version promises a slew of changes

The new iOS version for iPhone users will be available over the air sometime this week.

The new iOS 16 version update is expected this week, and iPhone users are hoping to see new features added for their phones with this version. The iOS 16.4 beta version is already out and people have played around for a few weeks now, allowing the company to fix any bugs and other issues.

With the public rollout of iOS 16.4 around the corner, we have decided to list down the top 5 features that we think will help iPhone users with a better experience of their iPhone 8 or later models and also enhance its feature set in the coming weeks.

Top 5 Features Coming With iOS 16.4 Update

Web Apps Alerts On iPhones

iPhone users will get notifications from web apps with the iOS 16.4 version on the Safari browser. The feature works similar to how you get notifications on apps. Having said that, the web apps alerts will work if the user saves the web app on the home screen.

Easy Beta Sign Ups

Apple wants to simplify the process of signing up for beta updates on iPhones. The iOS 16.4 version will bring a new Beta Updates menu in the main Settings. Traditionally, you have to download the beta profile from the Apple Developer website but soon that can be done with a couple of taps on the iPhone. The company will allow this feature for those who enrol for the beta program and use the same ID on the iPhone.

New-Look Home App Setup

Apple is focused on the smart home segment, and the home app is integral to its success. The new version of the app is coming with the iOS 16.4 update for iPhone users and after multiple delays, this Home app promises better performance, and better way of handling the smart home devices.

Clearer Voice Calls

The next iOS version will bring a slew of new features but the one that has caught our eyes is the Voice Isolation tech. Apple has provided this feature on FaceTime calls since last year, and soon all iPhone calls will have the technology supported as well.

Apple had limited the feature to calling apps like FaceTime so far but soon even the calls made via cellular networks will be compatible. Apple claims that voice isolation tech is helpful in removing the background noise while you are on a call, which results in a clearer voice quality.

Remove Duplicate Images And Videos

Apple will also help you remove duplicate images and videos from the iCloud Shared Photo library after this update on iPhones. There are times when you end up clicking images that copies the file name. In such events, it can be a pain to remove the duplicate files. Apple says with the iOS 16.4 version you can remove it easily.

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