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March 31 is celebrated as the annual World Backup Day. (Image: WD)

March 31 is celebrated as the annual World Backup Day. (Image: WD)

With several data backup solutions available, we will outline the most popular and effective ways to backup your data this World Backup Day.

With the increasing digitization of our lives, it’s no surprise that our data has become more valuable than ever. From cherished memories to important documents and sensitive information-much of our lives are stored on our electronic devices. That’s why backing up our data has become so essential.

World Backup Day-celebrated on March 31 every year-serves as a reminder to prioritize data backup as a critical aspect of digital well-being and hygiene. While backing up data might seem like a tedious task, it’s essential to safeguard against the sudden loss of data.

Fortunately, there are now a variety of solutions available for data backup, with not only physical storage options such as hard drives and SSDs but also cloud-based solutions that provide secure remote access to your data.

The loss of data can have a significant impact on individuals and businesses-with the potential to permanently erase valuable content that cannot be replaced-especially true for content creators who rely on their digital content for their livelihood. 

Here, we will tell you the most popular and effective ways to backup your data this World Backup Day:

Physical Media – Hard Disks, SSDs and USB Drives

Nowadays, you have the option to select a physical media that best suits your workflow, budget, and requirements. External hard drives are one of the most economical ways to safeguard your data, and the prices for HDDs have considerably decreased over time. At present, you can purchase a 2TB external hard drive for around Rs 5,500, which is a small investment to protect your valuable data.

For portable devices, you can invest in USB flash drives-compatible with phones, tablets, and Macs. These portable devices provide an efficient way to backup and transfer data on-the-go.

Cloud Backups

Having a dual backup approach that includes both physical media and cloud backups is the recommended practice. Cloud backup has gained popularity due to its ability to store data on remote servers accessible via the internet, and the cost is affordable as well. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google provide cloud storage with various tiers of storage plans that cater to different user requirements.

Depending on your budget, you may also make a NAS to streamline data storage and retrieval on a day-to-day basis.

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