Twitter Blue Badge Still There? Elon Musk Now Makes This New Change


Last Updated: April 03, 2023, 16:03 IST

The blue badges on legacy Twitter accounts are still there

The blue badges on legacy Twitter accounts are still there

Tweeples are not sure whether they have a legacy blue badge or paid for the verified status.

Twitter was supposed to remove the legacy blue ticks from verified accounts on April 1, as Elon Musk had announced recently. We are today on April 3, and still millions of legacy verified accounts still have the blue badge on their profile.

That’s not all, these people are seeing a change in the way their Blue badge has been defined. Users with both the legacy blue badge and the ones who have paid for Twitter Blue are seeing this written for their status.

Twitter users seeing this after April 1

It looks like Musk and Co. are having a hard time disabling the blue badge for millions of Twitter users, and in some ways, letting people decide whether they want to pay for Twitter Blue or keep the verified account till the company finds a way to remove all of them. The note here says, “This account is verified because it is subscribed to Twitter Blue or is a legacy verified account.”

Not sure what made Musk have this changed for Verified Accounts, and what does it mean for those with the Blue ticks before Twitter asked them to start paying for the feature. We are sure that Elon will have the answers in the form of a tweet very soon (he usually does), and till then, the legacy verified account users can enjoy their free Blue badge accounts.

As you might know, Twitter has expanded the Blue subscription service to more countries in the past few months. The service now includes benefits like edit tweet button, support to upload 1080p videos, verified badge and supposed increasing reach with improved algorithms in play.

Twitter Blue in India costs Rs 900 per month for mobile users, and signing up for Blue via the web costs you Rs 650 per month. The price for businesses is much higher at $1000 (Rs 82,000 approx), but the companies in the top 10,000 rankings of visibility don’t have to pay the fee to get the gold badge for their account. With Elon Musk at helm, Twitter has been making plenty of changes and this isn’t going to be the last that we see the platform announce.

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