Twitter Has Changed And People Are Not Liking It


Last Updated: March 29, 2023, 08:30 IST

Elon Musk took over the reins of Twitter back in October last year, and it has been over four months since Musk has made sweeping changes at the company, including firing senior executives and complete teams from various countries. Musk assured he will make Twitter a platform for free speech and give the platform the room to earn more in revenue.

He didn’t exactly say how the money-making part will work out, but over the past few months, we are seeing the changes at Twitter and how Musk plans to operate the company which he bought for a massive $44 billion after multiple legal tussles in 2022. Here is a look at how Twitter has changed since Musk took over last year.

Seeing Tweets From Everyone, Literally

If you take a look at your Twitter feed these days, you would probably be wondering where the content is from people you actually follow. Twitter has added two new tabs For You and Following, and technically, For You should give you tweets from people you know or follow. Turns out, your feed is full of tweets from random people who strangely are followed by people you follow. Well, if that statement sounds confusing, just take a look at your TL and you’ll understand what we are saying.

Twitter Blue Ticks For Sale

Elon Musk has decided that having a blue tick (verified) badge on your Twitter account is worth a price. So, now you have to pay a price to subscribe to the Blue subscription that gives you the blue tick. Since its origin, Twitter has valued giving out the verified badge to accounts, but now you just need to pay $7 (Rs 560 approx) or $11 (Rs 880 approx) per month, and get the account verified. We have already seen many celebrities complaining about the lack of due diligence in handing out the blue tick, and making it easy for anyone to get an account verified for a clone account. Earlier you had to earn the blue tick, now it is for sale to anyone.

Not A Reliable Platform for Information Anymore

With the Twitter accounts getting verified for a price, it makes you question the veracity of the information shared by the so-called verified accounts of known celebrities. As we mentioned above, Twitter needs a stringent mechanism to issue the blue ticks, if not, Twitter will lose all the credibility it has created over the years.

Twitter Feed Refresh, But Why

In the past few days you might have noticed the Twitter feed refreshing before you can read the content. This has become an irritating issue for the users, who have even tagged Musk to complain and ask him to fix the mess right away. It is possible that Musk is trying to tweak the performance of Twitter for the non-Blue users and make them pay for the service, which also gives them the edit button, ability to upload videos in 1080p quality and a few more benefits.

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