WhatsApp Reveals Three New Security Features To Protect Users: All Details Here


Audio chats will be released in a future update.

Audio chats will be released in a future update.

WhatsApp will launch three new security features – Account Protect, Device Verification, and Automatic Security Codes – in the coming months to enhance user account security.

Just a day after announcing the ‘Stay Safe with WhatsApp’ campaign, the Meta-owned messaging platform has announced three new security-focused features to protect users’ accounts.

The new features; namely, Account Protect, Device Verification and Automatic Security Codes, are going to be rolled out in the following months.

New features WhatsApp will be adding in the following months :

Account Protect

Now, If you want to switch to a new device, WhatsApp, in the upcoming updates, WhatsApp may ask you to approve the switch on your old device—allowing you have an extra layer of protection.

Device Verification

This feature safeguards users against on-device malware attacks and is reportedly built into the security package and needs no effort from the user itself. Ergo, you can keep using WhatsApp like the way you were and the app will automatically look after your account.

Automatic Security Codes

With Automatic Security Codes, WhatsApp has made it simpler for users to ensure their chats are encrypted and secure. Users can now check a secure connection quickly by tapping on the encryption tab you can find under the contact’s information.

This is done through a process called “Key Transparency.” And, it will allow “you to automatically verify that you have a secure connection. What it means for you is that when you click on the encryption tab, you’ll be able to verify right away that your personal conversation is secured,” WhatsApp said.

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