WhatsApp scam: Don’t take voice/video calls from these ‘dangerous numbers’


WhatsApp scams from international numbers seem to be rising. In the past few days, several users have reported receiving calls on WhatsApp from unknown international numbers. These calls are both voice and video calls. While fake calls from international numbers on WhatsApp are not new, there has reportedly been a sudden increase in such calls on WhatsApp in the last few days. Many users have also posted on social media platforms like Twitter about receiving such calls from international numbers.
Some numbers that these calls come from on WhatsApp
WhatsApp users are getting calls from international numbers from different countries like Ethiopia (+251), Malaysia (+60), Indonesia (+62), Kenya (+254), Vietnam (+84), Mail (+223) and others. However, it is important to note that these calls may not necessarily originate from these countries. Reason being that WhatsApp calls are made over the internet. These international numbers may reportedly be sold by agencies to scammers in the country. Some of these numbers include:
* +1 (202) 972-4547
* +62 822-1897-3796
* +7 903 858-27-50
* +62 838-6620-5224
* +84 38 341 6618
* +1 (938) 336-5344
* +1 (812) 777-7539
* +62 895-4007-39893
Users complain of spam calls on WhatsApp on Twitter

What can WhatsApp users do to stay safe
The ground and most critical rule to stay safe of such calls is to never pick calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp. This cardinal rule applies for both video and audio calls on whatsApp. Another important thing to do is to block such numbers and report them. While users can block the number both on WhatsApp as well as the dialer app, they can report them via only WhatsApp.
How to block a number
To block a number on WhatsApp, users can open a chat with the contact, tap More > Block > Block. Users can access their blocked contacts list by opening the app and tapping on More options > Settings > Privacy > Blocked contacts. They can add contacts to the list by searching for or selecting the contact they want to block.
It is important to note that if a contact is blocked, users will not receive any messages, calls, or status updates from the user.
How to report a number on WhatsApp
WhatsApp users can also report the contact by tapping Report contact > Block.


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