Your Smartphone May Explode If You Don’t Stop Doing These In Summers


Last Updated: April 26, 2023, 18:06 IST

Charging phones can be a risky business

Charging phones can be a risky business

The recent incident involves a young girl who was playing with her phone when the mishap occurred.

You often hear news about a phone’s battery exploding and in most cases, these incidents happen because the battery is overheating which usually occurs when you charge a phone more than needed. Earlier on Wednesday, a similar incident resulted in loss of a life, and people are obviously trying to find the main reasons for such events.

Why Does Your Phone’s Battery Explode

The latest incident involves an 8-year-old victim, Adithyasree where reports suggest that she was using the mobile phone to watch videos when the device suddenly exploded around 10:30 PM on Monday. Adithyasree was a student in Class 3, studying at Christ New Life School in Tiruvilvamala. Further details from the report suggest the phone may have exploded due to overheating of the phone which usually happens when a person uses the phone excessively. The report also talks about the phone’s battery being replaced, which may or may not have played a part in the mishap.

The battery unit of a phone has cells that needs the right amount of charge (heating) to transmit the charging level for the phone. Most phones and the bundled charger these days come with multiple levels of protection but even then overheating has become a common phenomena that needs definite attention, especially from the consumer.

How To Avoid Your Phone Exploding In Summers

While it would be hard to point out the obvious chinks of the gadgets, there are some basic charging hygiene tips that can help you avoid becoming a victim of such explosions.

– Always use company charger to charge your phone

– Buy official parts for battery components to avoid any third-party damages

– Make sure to charge the phone when it reaches around 30 per cent

– Ensure that there are no physical damages on the phone which could have an impact on the battery

– Never use the phone while charging

– Always remember to disconnect the charger when the phone feels unusually hot

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