Your Spotify Feed Will Soon Have TikTok-Like Swipe Avatar: All Details


Last Updated: March 09, 2023, 18:55 IST

Spotify ready to TikTok-ify your music feed

Spotify ready to TikTok-ify your music feed

Spotify is making it easier to access podcasts, audiobooks and more.

Spotify is ready to look different on your phone’s screen in the coming days and unsurprisingly the interface will be styled like TikTok. Vertical videos have become the go-to choice for most smartphone users, and the recent trends suggest everyone wants a piece of the vertical era.

For a music streaming app, vertical feeds don’t make sense but when you look at the evolution of interfaces on different platforms, Spotify was always going to fall for the demands of the users. The swipe-up generation has become addictive to these platforms and Spotify is hoping to appeal to more users and make them pay for its music services. It will be available for all Spotify users (both free and paid) on Android and iOS.

The music playlists keep switching when you tap on the button, similar to how you get Stories on different social media apps. You can also swipe up to stream the next track or get another playlist of your choice.

The bottom part of the app does not change, and you still have Home, Search and Your Library options. Spotify also wants more people to consume music content in the video form, so just swipe up and watch videos like how you do with Reels and TikTok. So why the change? Spotify says that its data suggests people want to preview content before becoming fans of artists and groups.

But it is not just about the new interface, as Spotify now claims to have 205 million paid subscribers, and we are pretty sure India is not a major part of that group. The platform also is making it easy to discover podcasts, new music and audiobooks. You can save, share and explore artists.

Discovery is also getting revamped to give you better results in search. Explore new tracks and share them with friends. Spotify also brings the Discover DJ feature for select users, smart shuffle for better personalised content and autoplay feature for podcasts among others.

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