YouTube introduces strict rules for videos promoting eating disorders


Google-owned YouTube is the most popular source of video consumption. Most people head to YouTube when they want to see a video of anything they are searching. At times, the content of these videos can have a negative effect on the viewer. Like videos that might end up promoting some kind of eating disorder. YouTube is now cracking down on such videos. “A video about a creator’s eating disorder recovery journey can help start an essential conversation for some that makes them feel less alone, but may be triggering for others,” saidDr Garth Graham, director and head of YouTube Health, in a blog post.
New policies for certain content
Graham said that YouTube will be updating its Community Guidelines to also prohibit content about eating disorders that feature imitable behaviour, “or behaviour that we worked with experts to determine can lead at-risk viewers to imitate.” These videos could be about disordered eating behaviours, such as purging after eating or severely restricting calories.
Furthermore, some videos will not be available to viewers under 18, if you’re signed out, or if the video is embedded on another website. “We developed this age restriction approach for eating disorder-related videos in consultation with third-party experts to strike the right balance in our continuing efforts to protect younger viewers from content they may be more susceptible to imitating than adults,” said Graham.
YouTube already has — what it calls crisis resource panels — currently available at the top of search results related to eating disorders in the US, UK, India, Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, France and Germany. YouTube is expanding these crisis resource panels to also appear on Watch pages in these countries. “Panels will be available in each of these country’s official language(s), and we’ll work in the future to launch in even more countries and languages, Graham added.


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